Amie and Sven have a passionate and protective relationship which I had the privilege of witnessing first hand. Meeting Amie for the first time for coffee, I felt like we had an instant connection, and I was so pleased when she wanted me as her Wedding Celebrant.

Sven and Amie picked what some would say is the romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day, to be married. I love Valentine’s Day because, for me, it’s a little reminder to stop and say thanks to my Hubby (life can get so busy). I also couldn’t wait because Restaurant Two is such an amazing place and the food is fabulous!

When I was writing their ceremony, I wanted to encapsulate these two in a modern, yet personal ceremony that reflected their story. Amie and Sven enjoy travelling, working out, great good, coffee and wine, and I spoke about this between three wonderful readings. My favourite reading was Today, by Bertrand Russell.

Today you marry your friend,
the one you have laughed with and cried with,
the one you have learned from and shared with,
the one you have chosen to support,
encourage and give yourself to,
through all the days given you to share.
Today you marry the one you love.

I also mentioned their desire to have a child or three which made the guests chuckle. I was thoroughly entertained by their live music during the ceremony and loved working with the gorgeous and super talented Candi Photography. They only had two sweet flower girls walk down before Amie and her father – such a reflection on their relaxed yet focused attitude. It was such a happy ceremony and I know they went on to have an equally wonderful reception.

Amie was kind enough to leave me a review of 5 stars and some sweet words:

“Annie is excellent!! Very professional, super organised & so sweet! I highly recommend her as your marriage celebrant!”