My phone rings – I hear Caitlin’s friendly voice saying “can I book you?”  I love a woman who knows what she wants and goes for it!  That’s how my journey with Caitlin and Alby begun.  We chatted about their vision and idea’s for the big day.  Caitlin was very excited that she had managed to secure Eves on the River for the wedding venue.

We met face to face for a coffee catchup and to get the ball rolling on their legal paperwork.  At this time I met her gorgeous children and Alby (who was also pretty cute).  We locked in the flow and feel of their ceremony, and established that they also would love a part in the ceremony to acknowledge their children.

I got writing on their ceremony, with the help of their questionnaire answers, and sent it to Caitlin and Alby.  They loved it.  I loved that they wanted to do “secret” vows – vows where the couple only share them on the day.  My favourite line from Alby’s vows were:

“I may not be the richest man, but I will make you feel rich with love, support, loyalty, and constant reminder my life is complete with you and our kids in it.”

The big day arrived, and Caitlin was a beautiful vision, all in white with flowers in her hair.  Her bridesmaids were all in white too and held large bouquets of flowers.  The boys wore blue suits and looked very dapper.  Eves on the River was a gorgeous backdrop for their ceremony; the river, people walking past, kids playing nearby, it all felt right for these two love birds.  I also got to work with Graham Murray Photography for the first time.  Graham’s approach was calming, professional and friendly, and always in the right place at the right time.

Caitlin and Alby’s ceremony was so special, involving their extended family and their children.  One of my favourite parts of the ceremony was when Caitlin and Alby were holding both of their children who were eating popcorn.  I never thought I would be conducting a ceremony with popcorn being eaten, but it worked!  Everyone chipped in the help Caitlin and Alby with their children during the ceremony and they ran around happily, laughing and enjoying the ceremony.  Another favourite part to the ceremony was when Alby was reading his vows and became emotional, saying to his son “a son shouldn’t see his father cry” – everyone laughed.

Caitlin kindly left a few words about my involvement in their wedding day:

Annie was extremely easy to work with leading up to and on our day – she made the process, including paper work, stress free and enjoyable. Very fun while still being professional! Thanks so much Annie!