Listen up same sex couples!  Not only am I an Authorised Civil Celebrant, but I’m now a Civil Partnership Notary also.  This means that I can perform a Civil Partnership Ceremony, and your relationship can be registered with Births, Deaths, and Marriages (BDM) in Queensland.

Here is a little explanation, from BDM of what this all means:

A civil partnership may be entered into by couples, regardless of sex. Sections 4 and 5 of the Act state that any two adults (aged 18 years or over) may enter into a civil partnership provided:

  • at least one partner lives in Queensland
  • either party is not married to another person
  • either party is not already in a civil partnership in Queensland or a relationship registered under the following Acts (that is taken to be a Queensland civil partnership):
    • 1. Relationships Register Act 2010 (NSW)
    • 2. Relationships Act 2008 (Vic)
    • 3. Relationships Act 2003 (Tas); and
    • 4. Domestic Relationships Act 1994 (ACT).
  • they are not in a prohibited relationship with their proposed civil partner (i.e. parent, grandparent, sibling, half-sibling).

There are two ways to enter a civil partnership. A couple can apply to BDM to register a civil partnership by submitting Form 15 – Application to register a civil partnership, or alternatively, the couple may hold a civil partnership declaration ceremony (officiated by a CPN), and have their relationship registered as a civil partnership, by submitting Form 18a – Notice of intention to enter into a civil partnership.

The bold wording is where I come in.  I’m can officiate a declaration ceremony because I’m a Civil Partnership Notary (CPN).

The other really exciting part is this, and one step further in the right directions is:

An official standard civil partnership certificate is a legally recognised document. This can be helpful in terms of proving a relationship to satisfy a range of laws, for example, in relation to superannuation, tax and government assistance.

All of this legal wording is pretty crazy, but I can help you work it all out.  Start with the following questions:

  1. Am I in a relationship?  YES
  2. Are we both over 18 years?  YES
  3. Does one of us live in Qld?  YES
  4. Is one of us in a marriage?  NO
  5. Are we in a prohibited relationship?  NO
  6. Are we in a civil partnership in Queensland, or any other State related Acts?  NO

If you answers are the same as above and want a ceremony that reflects your life, love, history and future together, get in contact with me today!

Annie x


Y’All Ready for this captured by the amazing Tricia King Photography