Christine and Kieron’s wedding was really something else.  Christine, the Bride, has been kind enough to write some words below, explaining the ceremony (much better than I could) and her take on the day.  Enjoy!

“Our wedding was in a boxing gym and the referee role was played by the Celebrant, Annie, who interacted with a fight announcer and two presenters. The vows were a negotiation of terms which the referee mediated, and they contained much swearing, zero mush and were and completely outside standard format. If it was not done right the whole thing would have flopped. There were many players and moving parts but Annie was, without a doubt, the highlight of our wedding. Our wedding would have put her way outside her comfort zone but she jumped right in from the beginning.

The first thing I noticed when I met Annie was how fresh and young she was. Also positive and excited … she was open minded and more than happy to try this unique idea. There was no sign of preciousness at all. Annie brought more to the role than I expected with an awesome tough ref persona, and a ‘don’t mess with me’ black leather skirt and killer heels.

Annie was able to read me and my fiancé in first meeting. She knew what we were about and immediately understood what we were trying to do. She was completely professional and so easy for me to work with throughout the planning, as well as being a great support to me on the night when I hit overwhelm.  I am so thankful we found her.

She also referred an a11148775_405339302982615_5844032563601521681_nwesome photographer, Matt Palmer from Record Makers Photography. I had some real trouble with various prima donna personalities in the wedding who could not handle the different concept but Annie was awesome and she absolutely made the night. I feel very fortunate to have found probably the only celebrant in town that was able to pull this off.”

Me again……I really can’t explain, in words, how much this ceremony meant to me and how much fun I had working with these two “crazy in love” people.  I thoroughly enjoyed working alongside the uber talented Matt Palmer (Record Markers Photography), and can’t wait to see the rest of the photo’s from the night.Christine and Kieron, to me, are the definition of doing what makes you happy and not conforming to what you think you should do.  Their ceremony was a TKO – Total Knock Out!!