Here are a few tips and tricks you can do, during the ceremony and after, to be the best bridesmaids ever:

  1. If you are carrying flowers, hold them between your bellybutton and “lady parts”. Long arms tells people that you are relaxed and calm (high flowers make you look nervous and scared);
  2. Walk slower than normal, but don’t do the step together thing (like you see in the movies); just feel the music and “own the aisle”;
  3. Take deep breaths from your tummy and keep your shoulders back, head up and boobs out;
  4. Keep a nice sized gap between yourselves; 10 counts in your head works nicely most of the time;
  5. Help the Bride with her dress and flowers when needed – getting ready to go down aisle, sitting down to sign paperwork, during photo’s etc;
  6. Bridesmaid closest to Bride during the ceremony will “normally” hold the Bride’s flowers for most of the ceremony;
  7. Get your Bride a drink (water, bubbles, martini) fairly soon after the ceremony has finished – this will help her relax;
  8. Make your experience as a Bridesmaid as positive for the Bride as possible;
  9. Help her go to the toilet throughout the day – sorry but true;
  10. Most of all – smile and have fun!

Beautiful Photo credit:  Willow Branch Photography