As I cast my eyes over my calendar and bookings for the rest of the year, something has become quiet apparent to me.  There no longer appears to be a “wedding season”.  There use to be an obvious quiet patch in the winter months or around the Christmas period; however, the last couple of years has been booked consistently all year round.  Speaking to other like minded Celebrants and wedding vendors, they have also noticed the same pattern.  For example, July and August are now super busy and filled with wedding events.

So let’s think about the pro’s of the different seasons.  Winter gives the freedom of an earlier ceremony time, men in suits (that aren’t sweaty), and gorgeous sun light.  Summer weddings allow for later ceremony start times and pictures into the evening.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that your wedding needs to be in those peak months, April and September.  Look at the whole year when making your date choice, think about the type of people you are – beach lovers or snow goers, and think about the pro’s and con’s of your decision.  Also, chat with your wedding venue and ask their availability – you might have more chance of snagging a later booking!

Annie x


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