My journey with Kane and Vivienne began with one of the best phone calls.  Vivienne and I had never spoken before, but it felt like we had known each other for years.  We chatted all about her wedding, ideas, her family and plans for the ceremony.  Vivienne told me that her wedding would be very intimate, just her mother, grandmother, Kane’s parents and their baby daughter.  Vivienne also mentioned that they wanted a simple ceremony, meaningful but not over the top, a true reflection of their love for each other.

The day arrived, and after checking in to my cabin (thanks Sarah from Gordon Country),  I met Kane for the first time.  Kane was a gentle giant, so kind and soft.  I could tell he couldn’t wait to say those special words, I do, and marry the love of his life.  I also got to meet Kane’s father, who was a total laugh.  After checking out the location of the ceremony, I went and proceeded to get myself all spruced up and went to meet Vivienne.  One of my favourite memories was when I met Vivienne because she was struggling to get into her wedding dress – lots of loop holes and buttons.  I helped her get dressed and I remember thinking – I’ve just met you!  It is all part of the service.

The ceremony was beautiful!  I made special mention of Vivienne’s father who had passed away; he sounded like a very special man.  We spoke about how Kane and Vivienne met – their worlds colliding in Burleigh Heads.  Their ceremony was filled with genuine love, focus, loyalty, great vibes and sincerity.  I also spoke about their beautiful daughter, who made their love even stronger.

Words can not express how much I loved marrying these two, and what made it even better were Kane and Vivienne’s parents.  Their attitude really helped ease the whole experience for Kane and Vivienne.

After the ceremony, Vivienne and Kane invited me back to their reception for a drink.  One drink ended up being two and dessert.  I felt like part of the family and they all touched my heart in a very special day.  I slept very soundly that night, knowing how fabulous the whole experience of Kane and Vivienne’s wedding had been.

Special mention should go to Sarah from Gordon Country, for making the whole experience one to remember.  I can’t wait to head out there again soon for another wonderful wedding.