My phone rings and I hear the lovely voice of Nat. Nat tells me that she wants to have a very personal wedding, with less than 20 guests, surrounded by their children. We organise to meet the next week to chat more. When I arrive, I meet Steve, the man who will be Nat’s husband. Steve is warm, cheeky, intelligent and very besotted with Nat. Nat tells me that she wants the ceremony to be short and sweet consisting mainly of the legals. Their house would be the setting for the ceremony and after party. I loved spending time with Steve and Nat; they have a lovely vibe, vibrant chemistry and genuine love.

I went home and got on with writing their ceremony. I added a little bit of extra “love” to the wording, which was removed by Nat later on. Nat was very sure that she just wanted the legal parts and I was happy to oblige.

The night arrived and Steve welcomed me warmly and introduced me to his witness, a long term friend with a funny sense of humour. Then appeared, as if a vision, was Nat in a long flowing dress, backless and relaxed – she looked amazing. We signed the paperwork before the ceremony with their witnesses and gathered everyone downstairs on the lawn.

The photo, taken by the wonderful Ben Blanche Photographer, shows how Nat and Steve stood during the ceremony, as Nat had envisioned, surrounded by her children. What surprised me was how emotional both Steve and Nat became during the ceremony. I toasted their marriage with champagne and a kiss. It was so special and exactly what Nat and Steve wanted. Nat kindly wrote:

“Thank you Annie for a perfect ceremony – exactly what we wanted! Steve and I loved your warmth and caring….”