The first time I met Peta, it was over a glass of wine at at local restaurant.  Peta said that she liked me because I didn’t talk the normal “insert swear word” that other Celebrants did.  I knew from early on that Peta and I would get along just fine.

Peta had a vision in mind and knew exactly what she wanted.  She wanted to include her children and she wanted to recognise that, like in any relationship, times get tough; I really appreciated her honesty and authenticity.  Peta also told me that she would like to be surrounded by her family and friends during the ceremony, so a circle ceremony was arranged.

The day arrived and the guests gathered all around us.  Moda Portside was all set, ready for the Bride and Groom’s arrival and it was the most beautiful, sunny day.  A special feature of Peta and Paul’s ceremony was that Paul walked down the aisle too.

Their ceremony was meaningful and  genuine (just like Peta).  Paul made some heartfelt promises to the kids and looked at Peta in such a loving way.  My favourite part to their ceremony was when I read a small excerpt regarding “everyday marriage”.  Here it is below:

Let your love be stronger than your anger,

Learn the wisdom of compromise for it is better to bend then to break

Look for the best in your partner rather than the worst

Confide in your partner and ask for help when you need it.

Remember that true friendship is the basis for any lasting relationship

Take time to appreciate each other

And say I love you every day.

I hate saying goodbye to my couples; it’s like letting a little animal back into the wild – you are happy for them, but feel sad all at the same time.  Peta and Paul made an imprint in my life and for me, I took away their commanding presence and passionate love for each other.