When I first met Tammy and Tim, I knew we would work well together.  Tammy knew exactly what she wanted for her wedding and the ceremony, and I was the Celebrant to deliver.  When I found out that they had booked Hillstone at St Lucia, I was beside myself with excitement.  I couldn’t wait to perform a ceremony at the same venue that I had been married.

Their ceremony would be held in the “fountain” area in front of a large amount of family and friends.  Tammy and Tim didn’t want a fussy, over the top, soppy ceremony, and they didn’t want to do to much PDA (public display of affection).  After meeting with them over a few months and chatting back and forth on email, Tammy and Tim decided that they would like to perform the traditional vows.  You know the ones – “in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish….”  I always let me my couples decide what they would like to say in the vow section.  This part in the ceremony, to me, is one of the most important sections.  It allows my couples to say exactly what they want to, to each other, in front of their witnesses.  The vow section is also the part that I find, gives my couples the most nerves because declaring your love in front of your family and friends is quiet an unusual thing – but let me tell you that Tammy and Tim rocked it!

One of my favourite memories from their ceremony is when Tammy was walking down the aisle towards Tim.  When she got to Tim, she said hi to him, but then she turned around a started saying hi to her guests and waving hello to people further away.  It was such a beautiful moment!  I love when spontaneous gestures happen during my ceremonies and this was one for sure.  Tammy made her guests feel comfortable and at ease, while also making them laugh!

My second favourite moment from their ceremony was when Tim jumped in to early with his “I do’s”. As you can see from the photo (thanks goes to the lovely Lauren Olivia), we all killed ourselves laughing – it was a golden moment that I will always remember.  They also selected excellent support people, even though the ring bearer presented to loose the rings hehe.

Tammy and Tim, individually and as a couple, have faced a few challenges in their lives, but are an incredible testament to working hard, loving fiercely, sticking to your guns, having a laugh and not taking life too seriously.