Wedding Ceremony and Reception music choices doing your head in?  Feeling like you can’t find the perfect song to walk in to, or for your first dance at your reception?  Look no further!

I have created a link filled with music options for you wedding ceremony and/or reception.  I will keep adding to it when I hear more fabulous music.  Even if you are having live music, for example an acoustic guitar player through to bagpipes, this will still come in handy in selecting your type of music.  Click on the link below, and make sure you start following it to receive updates:

Following is a guide to how to structure your music during your wedding ceremony:

  1. Pre-ceremony music (15/20 minutes)
  2. Entry song
  3. Signing of paperwork songs* (2/3 songs is perfect – put your favourite one first)
  4. Exit song
  5. Post-ceremony music (10/15 minutes)

* This is if you are having this during your ceremony.  If you are signing your paperwork after your ceremony has finished, just use your post-ceremony music.

Tips on how to choose the best music for your wedding ceremony and/or reception:

  • You don’t need to choose something lovey dovey!
  • You will hear it in years to come – so make sure you both love it;
  • Grad a cuppa tea, beer, glass of champagne or a coffee, grab a seat and listen to your favourite tunes – you will have a great time, and something will stick out as the “one”;
  • It can be fun, for example, Barry White, or quite serious, for example, Pachelbel’s Canon in D;
  • This is a great time to show your guests your funny, quirky, dorky, nerdy, hipster, loving, funky side;
  • Have fun with it!
  • Choose an exit song (in the ceremony) that is more upbeat and celebratory!  This keeps that electric atmosphere bubbling!!
  • Your songs can have lyrics, be classical, brand new, old school, cheeky, or acoustic; and,
  • if I’m your Celebrant, be prepared for some dancing or singing after the ceremony has finished.

Totally gorgeous photo by Millyjane Photography.