One fabulous part of my work is I get to work at incredible venues that host weddings and other celebrations.  I often get asked where I have been and what is my favourite wedding venue; these questions sometimes come from couples who are feeling totally stressed with choosing a venue.  There are so many to choose from!

I secretly have my favourites, but I’ll keep them to myself for the time being.  What I will say is, some of my best weddings have been a venues that aren’t “traditional” wedding venues – restaurants, bars, cafes, private holiday rentals.  Think outside the square when booking a venue but make sure it ticks most or all of your must haves.

Working out the best wedding venue that meets your needs can be an overwhelming and challenging task.  I think you should ask yourself some of these questions to work out if a particular place is meeting your needs:

  • Do we want an indoor or outdoor ceremony and/or reception?
  • Do we want a city, beach, or country feel?
  • Are we fixed on a date, or are we flexible with our wedding date?
  • Do we want our ceremony and reception to be in the same place?
  • Is there a plan B in case of bad weather or extreme heat?
  • How many guests do we expect, and can this venue cater for that amount of bodies?
  • Where are we going to get our photo’s taken?  Onsite, or close by?
  • What are my guests going to do while they are waiting for the reception to start?  Does the venue accommodate this?
  • Is there accommodation nearby for our interstate/overseas guests?
  • If children are coming, is there a room for our babysitter to host the children?
  • What type of food do we want at our reception?  Sit down, share platters, canapés, buffet?
  • Is there easy options for guests to get home?  Uber, taxi, buses, trains, parking?
  • Does the venue reflect us as a couple?
  • What type of atmosphere are we trying to create?  Relaxed, upmarket, black tie, rustic, traditional, vintage?
  • Is the venue too big for the amount of guests we are having?  (This can impact on atmosphere)
  • Have we considered restaurants, cafes, or halls that we can dress up with styling?
  • Should we consider looking at a venue that isn’t a “traditional” wedding venue?
  • Does the venue come with a function manager?
  • Do you have to use the venues vendors, or can you select your own vendors to provide services?  Stylists, Celebrants, Photographers, Dj’s?
  • If booking a chapel, can we say the things we want to in our wedding ceremony?  Equal marriage wording?
  • Are their noise restrictions that start at a certain time?
  • Does the venue provide a PA system for our MC or for speakers at the reception?
  • Do I want to coordinate most things myself, or have someone else to do that?  Styling, Event Coordinator?
  • Is there a place I can get ready there before the wedding ceremony starts?

Below is a list of some of the venues (so far all in Queensland) I have performed weddings, and links to their websites –

I’ll keep updating this list throughout my adventures, as I have plenty more new venues to explore this year!

Happy planning and I hope this helps with your choice!

Annie x


Mary Wheatley Photography lovely photo!